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CertaPro Painters
  • www.certapro.com
  • 2621 Van Buren Ave.
  • Suite 550A
  • Audubon, Pa 19403
  • Phone:610.650.9999
  • 1.800.462.3782 (gocerta)
  • Fax:610.650.9997

CertaPro Painters was conceived of and begun in 1991 by the leaders of FirstService Brands and its present senior management. The backbone of the company is its operational requirement to deliver the Brand of Certainty, to both its franchisees and its customers. Focused business planning, a technology platform that provides real-time information on local and national business performance, assertive local marketing, and national brand marketing have created an engine of growth and real excitement in a huge business category.

The CertaPro Painters Difference

CertaPro Painters is dedicated to providing the highest quality painting work with the best possible service to our customers. With CertaPro Painters you get a quality experience that is unique in the painting business - and you will get that experience at competitive prices.

We answer the phone

Our representatives are available to take your call from 8 AM until midnight EST (5 AM to 9 PM PST). We can take a message, or we can often put you through to a person in the field. If you would like an estimate, we will schedule that appointment when you call. And not only do we set our own appointments, we keep them.

Your project is managed by a professional

A Job Site Supervisor is assigned to oversee your entire painting project from start to finish. Your Job Site Supervisor will keep you informed on the status of the project, answer your questions and address your concerns.

We call back after the paint has dried

With our Quality Callback Program, we have every job surveyed by an independent Quality Assurance Team. They will contact you approximately one to three weeks after the project is completed to ensure it was delivered to your satisfaction.

Our Values

Always deliver what we promise

The promises made to CertaPro Painters customers is a first priority. From the timing of your project to the budget, our locally owned and operated franchisees keep their word.

Respect the individual

We are a company with a culture of respect. Respect for our employees. Respect for our franchise partners. Respect for you, our customers.

Have pride in what you do

We are painting experts. To that point, we take personal pride in all of our work.

Practice continuous improvement

We believe there is always room to improve how we paint a home; how we communicate with our customers; how we build relationships.