Partnership Concepts

FirstService Brands is excited to generate real opportunity for franchisors that are looking for a long-term partnership of meaningful value creation.

FirstService Brands follows the FirstService Corporation partnership model, and in this model there are the following main concepts:

Senior management teams own direct equity in the platforms they run day to day, ensuring that FirstService Brands and the partner are all working together to build long-term shareholder value. FirstService Brands uses performance-based compensation to encourage management to grow EBITDA year over year. The company believes that operating decisions are best made by the people on the front lines: people who are the leaders in their industries and who have a vested interest in their businesses.

FirstService Brands platforms are led by teams with tenure. The best choice to continue the management of a platform after partnering is the team that has already achieved success.

Partners must have strong and respected brand names with the potential to lead their sectors.

Partners must have the ability to generate steady, predictable and positive operating cash flow (EBITDA).

Partners must be aligned with the FirstService Brands values.