Our Values

Our Values

The cornerstone of the FirstService Brands business model is the anchoring of business practice to company values. These values have been tested, proven and lived over the entire history of the company, and today present themselves as the single clearest way to understand what differentiates FirstService Brands.

Deliver what you promise

Easy to say and difficult to do, this value is based on having goals, striving to hit them, being realistic around them, showing exceptional recovery when things go wrong, and being crystal clear that endeavor is linked to the delivery of real and measurable value for those to which commitment is promised. It also speaks to the timeless and classic importance of a handshake and the statement, "My word is my bond." The champion of this value, both in words and actions, speaks with the voice of character that earns and merits trust.

Respect the individual

The basic unit of leverage that really moves business is the individual. This understanding leads FirstService Brands to a value in which opportunity, orientation and reward are geared to, and around, individual effort. What matters more than appearances is what is actually achieved, having fun doing it, and the consciousness that entrepreneurship is about taking chances, learning from mistakes, processing things into meaning, while balancing work life with a successful personal and family life.

Have pride in what you do

Business carries a requirement to do things well. It requires a deep and realistic understanding and knowledge of skill set and competency, managing for the future in order to leave a proud legacy. At its heart business is the disciplined exercise of building and keeping personal reputation, grounded in true effort and commitment to do the right thing, even when the word "no" is the appropriate thing to say.

Practice Continuous Improvement

Service is a gift exchanged between giver and receiver. It is a cycle of promise and delivery, and of continuous learning, possibility and improvement. It demands that leaders are open to things that are different, that they are able to manage rapid change in order to build companies of resiliency, and that strategy and out-thinking the competition is a vital component of a company's "growth edge". Business requires a mindset of 'assume nothing,' whereby space is created for ongoing skill development, and both business and personal growth.