Biography Laurie Dietz

Laurie Dietz

President & CEO

Laurie Dietz joined TLS in September 2001 as Operations Manager to the business. Since becoming the principal driver in 2007, she has transitioned the business from a Call Center to a Brand Experience Center. As an internal resource, TLS is dedicated to the enhancement and improvement of Brand Experience delivery for all FSBrands partners. TLS will continue to partner as a leading thinker and voice around the subject of Brand Experience - always holding consciousness around the customer. As the hub of Brand Experience, TLS provides a sustainable and competitive advantage due to the alignment around business goals that are fused to the relationship the customers and prospects have throughout their entire journey with the brand. Cross-brand learning acquired within the BXC around Brand Experience will help all of the companies achieve the impact and effects of rapid prototyping and shared knowledge. This coupled with the ability for TLS to test, integrate and leverage data and technology across brand platforms will provide significant value add.

Prior to joining TLS she was a founding member of the corporate sales team for GoodLife Fitness, the largest chain of corporate and franchised Fitness clubs in Canada.

Laurie resides in London, Ontario with her husband and two daughters.